Bach Ma National Park (Hue, Vietnam)

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Bach Ma national park has beautiful scenery and fresh air. This is the most important resources eco-tourism of Bach Ma area. Coming to Bach Ma national park, tourist will have opportunities explore mysterious nature such as: Tri Sao trail, Do Quyen trail, Ngu ho trail, Hai Vong Dai trail. Tourists can see the collapsed house which was built by Granit with ancient France architecture in the top of mountain. The French engineer Mr.Girard built in 1932 as the resort in the pristine nature. Here, there have two ancient villas of the French on the top of Bach Ma in order to welcome tourists.

Bach Ma National Park is an old French Hill station stretching out over some 40,000 unspoilt hectares and offering great hiking trails, waterfalls, slightly odd and very basic lodgings, a camp site and plenty of wildlife (keep that tent zipped up). It’s home to one of the most stunning stretches of jungle walk and mountain ranges we’ve explored in central Vietnam and it’s easily accessible, being midway between Da Nang and Hue and well serviced by cheap tourist buses.

The national park, extended in 2008, stretches from the coast to the Annamite mountain range at the Lao border. More than 1400 species of plants, including rare ferns and orchids, have been discovered in Bach Ma, representing a fifth of the flora of Vietnam. There are 132 kinds of mammals, three of which were only discovered in the 1990s: the antelope-like saola, Truong Son muntjac and the giant muntjac. Nine species of primates are also present, including small numbers of the rare red-shanked Douc langur. It’s hoped wild elephants will return from the Lao side of the border.

Bach Ma mount has a height of 1.450 meters; it is far about 10 kilometers from the coast. On the way to Bach Ma mount, tourists can enjoy the immense beauty, the majestic mountain until Cau Hai lagoon, Tu Hien, Chan May near the Coast of East Sea.

Bach Ma national park still preserved diversified flora and immense old-growth forest. The forest consists of specious woods; some tree has 80-100 centimeters. Flora is various, there has 1.406 species. Bach Ma also has more 300 species herbs.

The fauna in Bach Ma has 931 species: 83 species of animals, 333 species of birds, 31 species of frog, and 39 species of fish… Especially, Bach Ma is the place of specious birds such as: crested argus and silver pheasant.

Best time to visit

Tourists are advised to visit Bach Ma National Park on February, when famous red Rhododendron simsii blossom along small streams and in particular at the bottom of the Rhododendron waterfall. During that period of time, the weather is ideally dry with favorable temperatures. In addition, summer is tourism season as people want to escape the heat, from June to August.

How to get there

From Hue City, tourists can travel to Bach Ma by car by following the National Highway 1A for about 40km. There’s a small road leading to the National Park next to Cau Hai Market. From here, Bach Ma’s main entrance is just 3km behind.

Location: Hue, Vietnam
Address: Phu Loc, Hue
More information: 220 km²
Opening hours: All hours
Entrance fee: 40.000 vnd

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