Best Time To Visit Sapa

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Best Time To Visit Sapa

Sapa is a very unique tourist destination and is different from other destinations, It's hard to choose the best time to visit Sapa, because Spring - Summer - Autumn - Winter, all four seasons have beauty and attractiveness for tourists.

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How is the weather in Sapa?

Sapa has a cold temperate climate with two typical seasons. The summer in Sapa is quite pleasant, the highest daytime temperature is only 30°c, there will be a little cold at night, the rain will focus from May to October.

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Winter will start from November to April next year, the weather is very cold and less rainy, winter temperatures in Sapa often maintain at 2°c to 5°c, sometimes temperatures below 0°c.

The best time to visit Sapa for domestic tourists

The most crowded time in Sapa is from April to the end of August every year, mainly Vietnamese guests because during this time the climate in Sapa is very suitable for summer holidays. In addition, around this time Sapa is flooded with blooming flowers and green fields.

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At the end of August, early September is the time of rice ripe in Sapa, you will see the terraced fields very beautiful. Many tourists like to go to Sapa during this time, because Sapa is wearing a new coat - a golden color throughout the hills.

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The best time to visit Sapa for international tourists

Time from November to March next year, the weather becomes very cold. But in return you will be watching the sunrise in the valley in the early morning. Especially in recent years on Sapa often appear snowfall, if you come here on this occasion you will surely witness quite romantic scenes.

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