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Basic Cambodian Phrases

Basic Cambodian pronunciation, simple sentences when saying hello. The following article shows you how to read and pronounce correctly in Khmer.

  •   3454
  •   2018-07-04

Counting in Cambodian

How to read numbers in Cambodian, counting the basic numbers from 1 to 10. Follow this article to see how to read and write numbers in Cambodian correctly.

  •   5792
  •   2018-07-04

Tipping in Cambodia

Tipping has never been part of Cambodia culture. Like most Asian countries, they get paid for their service by their employer, not by the customer.

  •   2516
  •   2018-07-04

Visa To Cambodia

All nationalities need to apply for a travel visa to enter Cambodia, except for citizens from Southeast Asian countries. The visa fee for a tourist is about US$ 20.

  •   2160
  •   2018-06-05
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