Basic Burmese Phrases

Basic Burmese Phrases


Most tourists in Myanmar get as far as hello and thank you. It’s a good place to start but it’s not very hard to go a bit further, to put the basic building blocks in place and before you know where you are you’re getting the hang of it and getting a great reaction from the people you meet.

Like many Asian languages, Burmese is a tonal language, meaning that there are four tones (high, low, creaky and checked) that a speaker can use, and a word changes meaning depending on the tone in which it is spoken.

In addition, the language is written using Burmese script, flowing characters based on an ancient Indian script. However, the words here have been Anglicized for easy understanding and pronunciation! However, because of that, you may find slight variations on pronunciation guides online.

The Burmese phrases are helpful because they are used daily. Below we picked expressions that a new learner will find useful. We included the audio as well. This is a better way to learning. Learn only what you need. We start with greetings and introduction.

English Myanmar
Auspicious to you all Mingalar Ba
How are you? nei kaun: ye. la:
Good morning mingala nan ne khin: ba
Good afternoon kaun:tho:nei Khin: ba
Good evening kaun: tho: nya. nei khin: ba
Good night / Good Bye thwa: bi
Please to meet you. twei. ya. da wan: tha ba de
See you again noun gya. thei: da paw.

Yes / No Words

English Myanmar
Yes (Male) hou' ke khin bya.
Yes (Female) hou'ke shin.
Yes (both genders) in:
No hin. in:
No (it isnt) hin. in: ma hou' phu
Okay / Alright / Agreed kaun: bi
It's all right ya ba de

Polite Phrases

English Myanmar
Thank you kyei: zu: tin ba de
Thank you very much kyei:zu: amya: gyi: tin ba de
You are welcome kyo zo ba de:
I beg your pardon (apology). sei' mashi. ba ne
I beg your pardon (Male) khin mya (?)
I beg you pardon (Female) Shin (?)
Sorry sel' mashi ba ne.
Excuse me thi: khan ba
You are so kind. a: na zaya gyi:
Don't feel awkward. a: ma na ba ne
Can I help you? ku nyi ba ya. zei
I don't mind. its alright. kei' sa mashi ba bu:
Good Luck kan kaun: ba zei

Questions and Requests

English Myanmar
How much? be lau'le:
What's that? e: da ba le:
Where is the restroom? ein tha be ma shi. tha le:
What time is it? bel na nar yi shi byi lel
May I go now? thwa: gwin. pyu. ba oun:
Do you understand? khamya: na: le tha la:
May I take a photograph? da' poun yai' lo. ya. mala:
May I use the telephone? te li hpon: thoun: lo. la:
Where is ...? na: ma le:
How much do I owe you? be lau' kya. tha le:
I want to go ... ...go thwa:gyin ba de
I want... ...gyin de
Which way? be lan ga thwah ya ma ke'
How Far? be' lauk way tha le'
Where are you going? be thwa ma lou le'

Other Phrases

English Myanmar
Very expensive zei: mya:de
I cannot speak Myanmar Myanmar lo mata' bu:
I don't understand na: ma le bu:
Really? da ge la:
It's impossible ma hpyi' nain bu:
Possibly hpyi' nain ba de
Beautiful! h!a. lai' ta
Keep the change maan: ne. daw
Be careful tha di: hta: ba
Be careful. don't drive too fast tha di: hta: ba: phyei: byei: maun:


Turn left be be cho:
Turn right nya be cho:
Straight ahead te. de. thwa; ba
Stop here dima ya' ba
Slow down hpyei: byei:
Turn back pyan hie:


English Myanmar English Myanmar
One ti' Sixteen tasel chauk
Two hni' Seventeen tasel kun
Three thone Eighteen tasel shit
Four lay Nineteen tasel koe
Five ngar Twenty hni sel
Six chauk Thirty thone sel
Seven kunit (kun) Fourty lay sel
Eight shit Fifty ngar sel
Nine koe Sixty chauk sel
Ten tasel Seventy kuni sel
Eleven tasel ti Eighty shit sel
Twelve tasel hni Ninety koe sel
Thirteen tasel thone One Hundred ta yar
Fourteen tasel lay One Thousand ta htaung
Fifteen tasel ngar One Lakh ta thein


English Myanmar
Airport lei zei
Bus Station ba saka: hma'tain
Railway Station buda youn
Hotel hou te
Embassy than youn:
Hospital hsei: youn
Clinic hsei: gan:
Police Station ye: sa khan:
Post Office sa dai
Market zei:
River Boat jetty thin: baw: zei'
Guest house e. yei' tha
Restaurant sa: thau' hsain


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