Vietnam Customs Regulations

  •   2018-07-02
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Vietnam Customs Regulations

Arriving in Vietnam, all visitors must fill in Declaration Forms and show their luggage to Customs Officials upon request. There are no limited amounts of foreign currency, objects made of gold, silver, precious metals and gemstones or plated with silver or gold but visitors must declare these in detail on the customs forms.

Entry: Tourists are authorized to bring in the following items duty-free: Cigarettes: 400 pieces; Cigars: 50-100; Tobacco: 500 gram; Liquor: 1.5l; Personal effects of a reasonable quantity. Small gift items valued at not more than US$ 500.

Note: There is no limit to the amounts of cash, precious metals and gems people can bring in, but amounts of over US$ 7,000 must be declared. It is prohibited for any visitor to bring into Vietnam the followings * Weapons, explosives and inflammable objects. * Opium and other narcotics. * Cultural materials unsuitable to Vietnamese society.

Exit: Goods of commercial nature and articles of high value require export permits issued by the Customs Office. Antiques, some precious stones and animals listed in Vietnam's red-book may not be brought out of the country.

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