What to wear in Vietnam - Vietnam Clothing Tips

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What to wear in Vietnam - Vietnam Clothing Tips

What to wear when you travel to Vietnam? This is one of the important factors in your trip. To have a truly perfect and enjoyable trip, you should check the weather where you will go, from which to choose the most suitable outfit, to give yourself a comfortable and confident.

What to wear in Vietnam?

Vietnam is a country with a tropical monsoon climate, so it is very different from the climate in Europe and America. Because the area of Vietnam is long and divided by the Truong Son mountain range, the climate is divided into three different regions of North, Central and South and has clear characteristics of each region.

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What to wear in northern Vietnam?

You should remember the North has a summer from April to September. In this season, the temperature in the day is quite hot and it rains a lot, the hottest month is usually in June. When traveling this month, you should wear light, comfortable and sweat-absorbent clothes, so that you don't feel wet, uncomfortable when the temperature rises, you can wear t-shirt and short pants as appropriate. You should also bring a hat and wet towel in a bag.

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May to August is the most rainy month of the year, when you go out you should bring an umbrella. Regarding clothes, you can wear as we said above.

Fall begins from September to November, this is the most beautiful season of the year. You can wear the clothes you love when going for a walk or visiting somewhere.

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Winter is usually in December to February of next year, this season is cold and dry, so when you go out you should bring warm clothes because the temperature can drop below 10°c.

What to wear in central Vietnam?

Central Vietnam is hot and sunny all year round so when traveling you should bring drinking water and wet paper in bags, Central is one of the areas with many beautiful natural beaches in Vietnam, you must definitely prepare a bathing suit to experience the beautiful beaches here.

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What to wear in southern Vietnam?

Southern Vietnam includes the Central Highlands and the South, typically with two seasons: dry and rainy seasons (rainy season from May to November, dry season from December to March next year). All year round, the temperature of this region is high, about 30°c.

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When traveling in the South, you only need to note that in the rainy season, you should bring a raincoat, or umbrella in the bag to avoid the sudden rain. Here, though there are many rains but not prolonged, and the weather has beautiful sunny days, the average temperature does not go down like the North.

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To explore all 3 regions of Vietnam, please choose our Vietnam tour package.

Travel accessories that you will need during your trip

In addition to the suggestions on what to wear in Vietnam, do not forget to bring some accessories to make your trip more perfect.

Sunglasses: Sunglasses are a necessary accessory for sightseeing trips, Vietnam often has many sunny days, always bring a sunglasses when you go out to protect your eyes.

Hats: Hats, wide-brimmed hats ... are also extremely necessary accessories when going out on sunny days.

Wrist watches: You will look more fashionable, and help you manage your time properly during your trips.

Handbag: This is definitely an indispensable accessory for women when going out. Bags not only contain items but also look very fashionable.

What to wear when coming to sacred places in Vietnam?

Vietnam is not a country with so many rules and regulations related to how to dress, however some sacred places like temples, pagodas or Ho Chi Minh mausoleums also have some dress rules.

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If you don't want to bring many clothes and intend to buy them in Vietnam. You have decided wisely! Clothing in Vietnam is very diverse and cheap, quality is also very good. Look for made in Vietnam stores like M2, Canifa ... prices will be very affordable and listed on each item.

It is very necessary information about what to wear when traveling Vietnam, S Vietnam Travel wishes you and your family a happy trip. View more: 16 Things To Know Before Travelling To Vietnam


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