Kep Beach (Cambodia)

Kep Beach (Cambodia)

Kep was Cambodia's premier beach town, famed for its spectacular sunsets and splendid seafood A single short but picturesque sliver of sand, Kep Beach, sits at the southern tip of the peninsula where several the guesthouses and restaurants are clustered. Though probably on the cusp of significant development, Kep still has a rustic feel to it - jungled mountains, quiet beaches, crab shacks and a gradually growing number of hotels and restaurants.

Kep's earlier fame is evident in its seaside promenade, which is dotted with villas surrounded by lush gardens. Some stand abandoned, burned and empty, a legacy of the country's troubled recent past. But many have been restored and converted into boutique resorts that offer a mixture of French style and Cambodian hospitality.

Today Kep is mainly popular to the domestic tourists, who choose Kep as their holiday destination. What's more, Kep offers great seafood and magnificent views of the mountains and the beaches.

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