Working Hours in Laos

Working Hours in Laos

Under the new Laos labour law (amended in 2013), the normal hours of work are eight hours a day, six days a week or a total of 48 hours per week. Every worker should get a 24-hour day-off every week.

In the government offices, they return at 1:30 for three more hours of work. And then every office is shut and locked at 4:30. There’s no working late. Maybe everyone knows you can’t get ahead, or maybe they don't want to make the others look bad.

Business hours for restaurants vary according to their client and the Food they serve. Shops selling noodles and/or rice soup are typically open from 7am to 1pm. Lao restaurants with a larger menu of dishes served with rice are often open from 10am to 10pm.

Tourist restaurants offering both Lao Western food, and open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, usually open their doors around 7.30am and serve till 10pm

Tourist restaurants that don’t open for breakfast generally serve from 11am to 11pm.

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