What to wear in Myanmar - Clothing tips

What to wear in Myanmar - Clothing tips

Traveling in Myanmar is a very different experience than traveling in other parts of Southeast Asia. The tourism infrastructure is still forming and visitor numbers are nowhere near visitors to neighboring Thailand or even Laos. This means that local people are not as used to seeing tourists as they are in nearby countries. You’re going to have to adapt your travel wardrobe a little bit from the way you’ve been dressing in other Southeast Asian countries.

Because Myanmar was closed for so long, it has been influenced by Western culture much less than the rest of Southeast Asia. You won’t see many skinny jeans, high-waisted shorts or platform sandals here! Burmese style is very conservative. Your little denim shorts and Same Same tank may fly on the beaches of Thailand, but they would be very inappropriate and offensive in Myanmar.


Take shoes which are easy to remove. You have to remove your shoes very often in Myanmar, to enter the houses, to enter the pricint of the pagodas.

To also avoid heat or moisture problem, it is better to use open shoes. If you can during the rainy seasons, it is very important to use open shoes, not tennis or closed shoes. The humidity level is so high that you are sure to get fungus problem with tennis shoes.

The best is to do like the Burmese, use sleepers, it is perfect and you can buy very good and very cheap one every where in Myanmar.

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