Ba Vi National Park (Hanoi, Vietnam)

Ba Vi National Park (Hanoi, Vietnam)

Ba Vi national park is the green lung of Ha Noi and also the home for many species of wild animal, including many rare species that was listed on Red list of Vietnam. According to statistics of the scientists, Ba Vi national park has 812 higher plants and 15 rare plants as Green spruce (Calocedrus macrolepis), woody fern (Cyatheales) and so on. The national park has 45 species of animal, 115 species of bird, 27 species of amphibians, 61 species of reptile, 86 species of insect with 23 rare species that was listed on Red list of Vietnam as golden pangolin, flying squirrel, peacock...

Ba Vi National Park is one of Vietnam’s most famous areas of outstanding natural beauty, and is centered around a three-peaked mountain jutting steeply out of the landscape. The national park offers a great escape from the city with cool fresh mountain air in a mystical atmospheric backdrop of clouds, jungle and tropical rainforest. There is also a spa resort nestled at the foot of the mountain offering a host of natural therapies in an absolutely stunning setting.

Ba Vi National Park is divided into three functional areas: Strict Conservation, Ecological Restoration and Administrative Services. Ba Vi is the average mountain and low mountain. In Ba Vi National Park, there have several mount with 1000 meters height such as: Dinh Vua (1296 meters), Tan Vien mount (1277 meters), Ngoc Hoa mount (1131 meters), Vien Nam mount (1081m) and Hang Hum mount (776 meters), Gia De (714 meters)… Ba Vi mountain range has large slope with the average slope about 250 meters.

Among the park's most prominent attractions are its ancient church, the Thuong Temple, President Ho Chi Minh's Temple, native forests, pine forests and orchid garden.

Visitors can also explore deep caves hidden in the mountains or challenge themselves to climb the Ba Vi peaks that rise up to 1,296 meters.

Entrance fee:

-   Ticket for person: 15.000vnd/people

-   Ticket for cars under 10 seats: 20.000vnd

-   Ticket for cars more 10 seats: 25.000vnd

-   Price ticket for motorbike: 2.000vnd

Location: Hanoi, Vietnam
Address: Tan Linh, Ba Vi
More information: 04 3388 1205
Opening hours: All hours
Entrance fee: 15.000vnd/people

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