Public Holidays in Vietnam 2018

Public Holidays in Vietnam 2018

Vietnam national calendar of all 2018 public holidays, The Lunar New Year 2018 holidays will be from Wednesday, February 14, 2018 until the end of Tuesday, February 20, 2018.

Date Weekday Holiday Name Holiday Type
Jan 1 Monday International New Year's Day National holiday
Feb 14 Wednesday Valentine's Day Observance
Feb 15 Thursday Vietnamese New Year's Eve National holiday
Feb 16 Friday Vietnamese New Year National holiday
Feb 17 Saturday Tet holiday National holiday
Feb 18 Sunday Tet holiday National holiday
Feb 19 Monday Tet holiday National holiday
Feb 20 Tuesday Tet holiday National holiday
Mar 20 Tuesday March equinox Season
Apr 25 Wednesday Vietnamese Kings' Commemoration Day National holiday
Apr 30 Monday Liberation Day/Reunification Day National holiday
May 1 Tuesday International Labor Day National holiday
Jun 21 Thursday June Solstice Season
Jun 28 Thursday Vietnamese Family Day Observance
Sep 2 Sunday Independence Day National holiday
Sep 3 Monday Independence Day observed National holiday
Sep 23 Sunday September equinox Season
Oct 20 Saturday Vietnamese Women's Day Observance
Oct 31 Wednesday Halloween Observance
Dec 21 Friday December Solstice Season
Dec 24 Monday Christmas Eve Observance
Dec 25 Tuesday Christmas Day Observance
Dec 31 Monday International New Year's Eve Observance

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