Tipping in Cambodia

Tipping is not traditionally a part of Cambodian culture, and like in most Asian countries, service providers are paid by their employer rather than by the customer.

However, although tipping is not necessary, it is customary to leave a dollar or two for any type of service received. The service provider will usually show appreciation for your gesture with a sweet smile.

Refer to our tipping guide below and only tip for good service, as you don’t want to encourage bad service.

  • Airport – Porter/Skycap: US$2 per bag.
  • Bartender: round up the bill or add US$1 per round.
  • Hair Salon: not expected but 5-10% is appreciated.
  • Hotel – Housekeeping or Room Attendant: US$1-2 per night; left on the pillow.
  • Hotel – Porter/Bellhop: US$2 per bag.
  • Massage: optional, 10%.
  • Museum Guide: small donation (US$1) at end of tour.
  • Restaurant (General): 10% for good service, 5% for average.
  • Spa: fancy spas and ones in hotels usually include a service charge; if not included, 15%.
  • Taxi: round up the fare or add US$1, a little more if they were extra helpful.
  • Tour – Guide, Driver: US$2-5 per day for the driver and US$5-10 per day per traveler for the guide. You might also buy them lunch or a snack.

If you have experience traveling to Cambodia, please share your tipping in Cambodia.

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