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All Domestic/Internal Airfares

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All Sightseeing Tickets, Guides & Daily tours

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Many major travel magazines in the United States have voted Vietnam as an ideal tourist destination for travelers from the USA and Canada. Vietnam attracts American tourists with its magnificent natural landscapes, ancient history, unique culture, and stunning beaches. Because the flight time from the United States and Canada to Vietnam is quite long, travelers often choose to combine trips to Vietnam and Cambodia in the same journey.

To create your own Vietnam tour & holiday from USA, please let us know your preferences, and we will plan an outstanding and memorable trip at the most reasonable price tailored specifically for you and your family. Contact our sales team today to receive attractive offers.


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We select good partners, offering preferential prices. Our operating costs are always optimized to provide you with the best rates for your trip.

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At SVietnam Travel, we will be with you anytime and anywhere to support you with even the smallest issues, ensuring you have the perfect trip.

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Professional Tour Operator

Our team brings years of professional expertise in the travel industry and can cater to all your requirements.

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The best time to visit Vietnam from USA & Canada

What is the best time to plan Vietnam tours from the USA and Canada? The period from September to March of the following year is ideal for visiting Vietnam. During this time, it is autumn and winter in the North, and the South is also not too hot. This period is also the peak season for international visitors to Vietnam.

Traveling during this time will provide the most comfortable experience, with thoughtful service and the best quality service. Additionally, visiting Vietnam during this time allows you to experience both winter and summer in Vietnam.

The best time to visit Vietnam from Argentina
Tourist visa to enter Vietnam

Vietnam visa for citizens of the USA & Canada

Do American and Canadian citizens need to apply for a tourist visa to enter Vietnam?

Yes, all American and Canadian citizens wishing to enter Vietnam for tourism or business purposes must obtain a Vietnamese visa.

In addition to a visa, you must also meet the following entry requirements:

  • A valid passport with at least 6 months validity remaining from the date of entry into Vietnam.
  • At least 2 blank pages in the passport.
How to apply for a visa to enter Vietnam for American and Canadian citizens?

Apply for an e-visa at

Some notes when applying for a Vietnamese e-visa:

  • Ensure that the photo is uploaded according to the requirements.
  • Make sure the information provided in the application form is accurate.
  • The system will not notify the result via email, so tourists need to check the system for the result.
  • Processing time is usually 3 working days, but may take longer depending on the number of applications being processed.

Flights from USA & Canada to Vietnam

The average flight time from the USA to Vietnam is about 19 hours. Transit locations when flying from the USA to Vietnam:
  • For flights operated by Cathay Pacific, EVA Air, JAL, China Southern, China Airlines will depart from Los Angeles to transit in cities: Hongkong, Taipei, Tokyo, and Guangzhou.
  • Flights from Philadelphia operated by Amecian Airlines, Vietnam Airlines, Delta, British Airways, Thai Airways, Korean Air and China Eastern will be transited in cities: London, Bangkok, Detroit, Seoul, Shanghai.
  • Flights from New York operated by Air France, Cathay Pacific, Vietnam Airlines, Emirates, Air China, EVA Air, China Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways and United Airlines will be transited in cities: Paris , Hongkong, Dubai, Beijing, Taipei, Frankfurt, London, Bangkok.
  • Transit flights in Taipei, Tokyo and Seoul are operated by EVA Air, ANA, Korean Air, and Aniana with the departure location in Seattle.
  • For flights departing from Boston operated by Cathay Pacific, Vietnam Airlines, Virgin Atlantic and Emirates airlines, JAL will transit in cities: Hongkong, London, Dubai, Tokyo.
Flights from Canada to Vietnam
  • For flights departing from Toronto to Saigon operated by Cathay Pacific, Air Canada, transit in Hong Kong will have a flight time of 18 hours.
  • For flights departing from Vancouver to Saigon exploited by Philippine Airlines, transit in Manila will have a flight time of 16 hours.
  • For flights departing from Ottawa to Saigon operated by ANA, Air Canada and transit in Tokyo, Calgary will have flight time of 21 hours and 20 minutes.
  • Flight of Dragonair and Air Canada airlines departing from Toronto to Hanoi, transit in Hongkong will have flight time of 19 hours and 25 minutes.
  • Flights of Vietnam Airlines and Air Canada depart from Vancouver to Hanoi, transit in Seoul will have flight time of 14 hours and 55 minutes.
Flights from Argentina to Vietnam
Exchange Vietnamese currency from US dollars

Exchange Vietnamese currency from US dollars

The exchange rate from US dollar to the Vietnamese dong is relatively stable, with little fluctuation, common at:

  • 1 USD = 23,900 VND
  • 100 USD = 2,390,000 VND
  • 1000 USD = 23,900,000 VND

Exchange Vietnamese currency from Canadian dollars

The exchange rate from Canadian dollar to the Vietnamese dong is relatively stable, with little fluctuation, common at:

  • 1 CAD = 17,000 VND
  • 100 CAD = 1,700,000 VND
  • 1000 CAD = 17,000,000 VND

Vietnamese law stipulates that foreign currencies cannot be freely exchanged. So it is the best to go to the banks for money exchange. This is the legal, safe and quick method.

Exchange Vietnamese currency from Canadian dollars

Destinations in Vietnam for tourists from US & Canada

American tourists especially like the type of cultural tourism because they can both visit and learn about the diverse culture in Vietnam. The place is favored by many tourists such as Hanoi capital with a thousand-year history of civilization, Hoi An ancient town, craft villages, festivals and culinary enjoyment.

Tourist resort is also the type chosen by many Americans and Canadians when coming to Vietnam. With more than 3200km of coastline with many beautiful bays and islands, Vietnam has many ideal areas to develop this type of vacation tourism, especially sea tourism.

If you have about 3 weeks in Vietnam, consider visiting the following places: Hanoi (the capital city and political and cultural center), Halong Bay (where you can experience the natural wonder on a luxury overnight cruise), Sapa (for exploring the highland region, terraced fields, and indigenous people with a unique culture), Hoi An and Hue (famous ancient towns), Ho Chi Minh city (a vibrant metropolis), Can Tho (in the Mekong Delta region), and Phu Quoc (a beautiful beach resort).

The best time for Vietnam tours
It's easy to plan a Vietnam tour

It's easy to plan a Vietnam tour from USA & Canada

With human factors, rich culture, arts and cuisine, Vietnam is becoming an attractive destination for many Americans and Canadians.

If you still have questions about trip planning, don’t worry! We are always here to assist you, to make sure you will have the perfect trip to Vietnam.

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Recommended Vietnam holiday packages from US & Canada

The following tour packages are particularly suitable for American and Canadian tourists to explore Vietnam.

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