Beauty of Golden Bridge – Ba Na Hills (Da Nang, Vietnam)

The Golden Bridge is a new building in Thien Thai Garden, belonging to Ba Na Hills Resort (Da Nang), which has just opened to visitors in early June 2018.

Golden Bridge - Pic 1

The Golden Bridge is 1,400 m taller than the sea, including 8 spans with a length of nearly 150 m.

Many people were amazed at the spectacular natural scenery when visiting the Golden Bridge in Da Nang.

Golden Bridge - Pic 2

Located halfway between the mountains and forests, the bridge stands out with golden colors. Remarkably and attracting visitors is the unique architecture with the bridge supported by gray hands, creating a stunning scenery.

Golden Bridge - Pic 3

Lobelia Chrysanthemum is planted along the path on the bridge, creating accents of color, attracting the eyes of tourists.

Golden Bridge - Pic 4

If you are too familiar with Dragon Bridge, Ba Na Hills…then this is definitely a new highlight, bringing new features to Da Nang tourism city. Golden Bridge is also a must visit in Da Nang for those who like to take photos.

Golden Bridge - Pic 5

Standing on the Golden Bridge, visitors can admire the entire endless scenery and majestic nature of Ba Na tourist area.

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