What Vaccines Should You Get When Traveling to Vietnam & Southeast Asia?

Vaccination before traveling abroad is highly recommended to protect yourself against certain diseases that may be prevalent in the destination country. It is important to proactively receive the appropriate vaccines based on the country and region you plan to visit.

For Southeast Asia in general, and specifically Vietnam, which is located in a tropical monsoon climate with frequent weather changes, you are at risk of contracting illnesses such as headaches, colds, dengue fever, etc. Therefore, if you have a plan to travel to Indochina and Vietnam, which vaccine should you choose to get? Let’s explore the specific vaccines that are recommended when traveling with SVietnam Travel.

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Benefits of Vaccination Before Traveling

Getting vaccinated before traveling is a preventive measure to avoid getting sick or infected with viruses upon returning home and spreading diseases to others. Protecting yourself and your family when traveling abroad includes:

  1. Receiving necessary and required vaccinations for all the countries you and your family plan to visit during the trip.
  2. Ensuring that your entire family is up to date with routine vaccinations as per your national immunization program.
  3. Staying updated on travel-related information and disease alerts to avoid any disruptions to your family’s travel plans.

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Some vaccines may require multiple doses or take a period of time to reach full effectiveness. However, there are also some combination vaccines (such as hepatitis A) that can provide partial protection even with just one dose. Sometimes, doctors may consider an accelerated schedule, meaning the intervals between doses are shortened.

Getting vaccinated before international travel will protect you and your family from many infectious diseases
Getting vaccinated before international travel will protect you and your family from many infectious diseases

Vaccines to Consider When Traveling

Below are some types of vaccines recommended by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) in the United States that you should receive before traveling to a specific region.

Type of DiseaseRecommended Vaccination Areas
Hepatitis AAll low-income countries
Hepatitis BAll low and middle-income countries, particularly China
Influenza (Flu)Worldwide
Japanese EncephalitisRural areas in most Asian and Southeast Asian countries, especially in regions with rice cultivation and pig farming
RabiesAll countries, including the United States.
Typhoid FeverAll low-income countries, particularly in South Asia, including India.
Yellow FeverTropical regions in South America, Tropical Africa

Which vaccines should you get when traveling to Vietnam and Southeast Asia?

According to the recommended list, it is advisable to consider getting vaccinated for the following diseases before visiting Vietnam and the Southeast Asia region:

  • Hepatitis A
  • Hepatitis B
  • Influenza (Flu)
  • Japanese Encephalitis
  • Rabies
  • Measles
  • Typhoid Fever
It is recommended to get vaccinated at least one month before departure
It is recommended to get vaccinated at least one month before departure

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How far in advance should you get vaccinated before traveling?

When traveling to a different country, it is important to note that local clinics may not have certain specific vaccines available, and you may need to visit a specialized medical center further away. Therefore, starting vaccination before international travel at least one month in advance is an essential step in preparing for your trip and ensuring the health of yourself and your family. Additionally, there are several reasons for this:

  • The body needs a certain amount of time to build up immunity after vaccination.
  • It may take several weeks to complete all the necessary vaccine doses.
  • Certain specific vaccines may not be readily stocked at local clinics, requiring visits to specialized vaccination centers.
  • It is important to schedule time to visit a healthcare facility during the pre-travel preparation process.

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Therefore, getting vaccinated before international travel is highly recommended. The choice of vaccines depends on the country and region you plan to visit, specifically for travel to Vietnam and Indochina, it is advisable to choose the vaccines for the mentioned diseases we have just discussed. Additionally, it is important to proactively get vaccinated at least one month before departure. To ensure your health and receive the necessary vaccines, please consult with a doctor or local clinic in your area for the best and most comprehensive advice. Wishing you good health for a pleasant journey.

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