Counting in Vietnamese

How to read numbers in Vietnamese, counting the basic numbers from 1 to 10. Follow this article to see how to read and write numbers in Vietnamese correctly.

As numbers are an integral part for having an conversation, we will teach how to count, to say the ordinal numbers and other adjectives that describe numeric value. This will be helpful later on for telling the time and for doing groceries.

1 = một (mote)

2 = hai (hi)

3 = ba (bah)

4 = bốn (bone)

5 = năm (nam)

6 = sáu (sow–as in female pig)

7 = bảy (bye)

8 = tám (tam)

9 = chín (chin)

10 = mười (moo-ee)

And 10 to 20

10: mười (muh-oo-ee)
11: mười một (muh-oo-ee moyt)
12: mười hai (muh-oo-ee hai)
13: mười ba (muh-oo-ee bah)
14: mười bốn (muh-oo-ee bohn)
15: mười lăm hoặc mười năm (muh-oo-ee lahmm hoặc muh-oo-ee nahm)
16: mười sáu (muh-oo-ee s-ow)
17: mười bảy (muh-oo-ee bahy)
18: mười tám (muh-oo-ee tahm)
19: mười chín (muh-oo-ee cheen)
20: hai mươi (hai mew-oi)

Please watch the following video clip and learn from it!

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