What is a private tour Vietnam?

A Vietnam private tour is a type of tour designed specifically for you, your family, or your own group. It is not shared to other groups, preferably a group of less than 8 people. Private tours let you choose your own departure date and duration, and tweak the itinerary. You can flexibly make your own requirements on the schedule, favorite destinations, free time or budget that you desire. The travel consultants will help you to design a special tour just for you with the most suitable budget.

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Is a private Vietnam tour expensive?

A private tour may cost you a lot. However, it is quite reasonable if you go with a group of 4 or more people. The price of a private tour depends on your chosen country and the tour company. It will be high or low. For example, if you travel to countries in Europe and the US, a private tour will cost a lot, but if you visit Vietnam, the cost is cheaper. Especially if you choose our private tour service – SVietnam Travel, the cost will be very reasonable compared to other companies while the quality of service is always guaranteed.

Benefits of a private tour in Vietnam

Quality is guaranteed by experienced travel experts, online support 24/7. You are flexible in itinerary, time and schedule. . With a private guide, private car,… you will avoid the risks of exposure to a different culture.

Who is suitable for a private Vietnam tour?

The private tour is especially suitable for people with good conditions who want to experience the perfect service, families with young children, honeymoon couples or close friends.


Vietnam private tour vs Group tour: some comparison

Private tourGroup tour
Group sizeDecided by client.Decided by tour company.
Sightseeing placesFeel free to choose according to your requirements.Fixed by tour company.
Time and scheduleDecided by your group. You may even shorten and increase it on the tour.Followed by tour company. You can not change the timetable of the group.
Food & BeverageFeel free to enjoy your favorite restaurants, food style.Followed by tour company with fixed set menu.
ServiceCan choose 3* to 5* service.Fixed and can not change.
BudgetOptimize your requirements and fit your budget.Prices are listed and you have no option to change. However, the price will be lower than the private tour.

Top 3 private tours in Vietnam

  1. Vietnam Family Holiday – 15 days: Price from $1,786 per person. Start: Hanoi, Vietnam. Finish: Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam.
  2. Best of Vietnam – 14 days: Price from $1,258 per person. Start: Hanoi, Vietnam. Finish: Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam.
  3. Taste of Vietnam -12 days: Price from $1,370 per person. Start: Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam. Finish: Hanoi, Vietnam.

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Private Vietnam tours are for families who want quality time together, or couples who just don’t fancy sharing holiday memories with others, some clients want the structure of an escorted tour but hate the idea of travelling in a group. They want to design a personalized itinerary to experience their Vietnam trip according to their personal preferences and health. In addition, they will also receive the best care. The attentive care of the tour operator team, ready to assist clients 24/7, brings the perfect experience to a Vietnam trip.


  1. Hello I am looking for a pick up in Hanoi, then a transport to Mai Chau with a trek, then another trek to pu long then stay in pu long 1 night then head to nin binh – we would like to book there Tam Coc Lion Kings Hotel. we are a French family of 4, 2 adults and 2 children 10 and 15.

    The pick in Hanoi can be on the 28th or on the 27th.

    We are arrivin in hanoi Feb 27 at 11h20 from Hoi An (Da nang). then we have our flight from Hanoi to Ho Chi minh on March 4th, just after noon . Can you propose something to us ? thank you

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