Hoi An Memories Show

“Memories of Hoi An” is a large-scale outdoor artistic performance, meticulously and grandly staged. The program recreates the cultural and historical beauties of Hoi An through various periods, from ancient times to the modern day, across five acts, each representing a different era.

The show employs various artistic languages, blending dance, music, and lighting seamlessly to create a colorful and impressive artistic feast. The performers in the show are all professional artists, delivering highly skilled and emotionally charged performances.

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Chapter 1: Memories of Hoi An

This is the first act in the Hoi An Memories Show aiming to recreate a vivid picture of the customs and lives of the people of Hoi An from 3000 years ago. This chapter impresses with the image of the road of lights, depicting the daily life of the people, the construction of houses, and the fishing activities in this land. All these activities are incorporated into songs and dances, becoming the culture of the ancient people of Hoi An.

Chapter 2: Princess Huyen Tran’s Wedding

This act is truly captivating for the audience as hundreds of actors participate, wearing splendid costumes rich in Cham culture. The costumes, along with the sound and light effects, make the audience feel as if they are lost in a fairy-tale wedding. This wedding serves as a reminder to future generations of Princess Huyen Tran’s sacrifice-giving up her youth and love to secure peace for the country.

Princess Huyen Tran’s Wedding

Chapter 3: Reaching the Open Sea

In this third performance, Hoi An takes on a completely new appearance. The content describes the rapid development of Hoi An, transforming it into the most prosperous international trading port of the 16th and 17th centuries. You will be immersed in the tragic love story of a young couple: the young man, forced to venture on the sea to trade goods with foreign countries, and the gentle girl who nightly releases lanterns on the Hoai River, praying for her lover’s safe return, driven by her deep longing and unwavering love.

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Chapter 4: Hoi An and the Era of Cultural Commerce

Have you heard much about the bustling trading port of Hoi An? Have you ever imagined a place where many cultures converge? All answers will be found in the performance named “Harbor,” with the main setting being the international market of Hoi An integrating with the world, conveying to the audience the bustling and vibrant atmosphere of one of the most prosperous international ports in Southeast Asia during the 18th and 19th centuries.

Day and night, ships from Japan, China, and even distant Western countries crowded the harbor, merchants came to trade goods and, more importantly, brought with them the “breath” of new and unique cultures to this land. This performance also clearly shows the social stratification of wealth and poverty in the old society and the emergence of a bourgeois economy in this rich port area. It can be said that the “Harbor” performance is the main highlight of the real-life artistic program “Memories of Hoi An.” “Harbor” not only shows you the golden memories of the Hoi An trading port but also amazes you with the meticulous preparation of every detail, from character creation, acting skills to sound, light effects, and a large number of performers.

Chapter 5: Hoi An’s Ao Dai

Hoi An is a rare city that still preserves almost entirely the ancient values from hundreds of years ago despite experiencing many historical ups and downs. This uniqueness makes Hoi An different, and its people have the right to proudly share with international friends their invaluable heritage.

The real-life performance “Memories of Hoi An” concludes with a traditional Ao Dai show combined with ancient architectural works associated with the land of Hoi An. In a modern sound and atmosphere, the girls ride bicycles along the road of lights, weaving through the old streets, bringing the audience back to modern life, to a serene yet dynamic and modern Hoi An in its unique way—harmonious, gentle, and full of sophistication.

Hoi An Memories Show
Hoi An’s Ao Dai


With a duration of only 60 minutes, the show vividly portrays the 400-year historical ups and downs of Hoi An. The performance takes place on weekdays except for Tuesday, attracting a large number of visitors to see and experience at the Hoi An Impression Park. Don’t miss this wonderful show if you have the chance to travel to Da Nang – Hoi An!

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