Can Power Banks Be Brought on Planes? What Should Be Noted?

Power banks are quite popular nowadays due to the rapid development of compact electronic devices. As users have a constant need for using electronic devices anytime, anywhere, they also require battery charging to ensure the continuous operation of these devices. However, when traveling by airplane, airlines often have strict regulations regarding carrying power banks. So, what are these specific regulations? And what should we take into consideration when bringing power banks in a plane?

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What is a Power Bank?

A power bank is a device for storing electrical energy, capable of being taken anywhere, used to charge the battery of phones, tablets, and other small electronic devices. Occasionally, certain high-capacity types can even charge laptops. It is an extremely useful technological product for those who are frequently on the move and spend a lot of time using electronic devices. Nowadays, power banks are becoming increasingly popular due to the rising demand for electronic devices and their ability to store a sufficient amount of energy. Their compact design also makes it easy for users to carry them along.

Power Bank

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Notes When Purchasing a Power Bank

To ensure safety when using a power bank, you should consider some notes when buying them.

  • Choose high-quality power banks from reputable brands with clear origins.
  • Carefully check the detailed specifications of the portable charger to meet your usage needs.
  • Purchase from reputable sources to receive warranties and support in case of issues.
  • Opt for compact and well-designed power banks that ideally come with shock-resistant cases to prevent impacts.
  • In addition to selecting a good power bank, you should also choose a good-quality charging cable to ensure safety.

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Can power banks be taken on Planes?

According to regulations from most airlines worldwide, power banks are allowed to be taken on airplanes with specific guidelines. Some common regulations are as follows:

  • Power banks can only be carried in your carry-on luggage and are not allowed in checked baggage.
  • The capacity of the power bank should range from 20,000 mAh to 32,000 mAh, depending on the airline’s regulations.
  • The power bank must clearly display its brand and country of origin.
Power Bank

Reasons for not placing power banks in checked baggage

The risk of fire and explosion is the main reason why power banks are not allowed in checked baggage. The potential for fire and explosion in portable charger batteries comes from the following factors:

  • Portable chargers often use Lithium-Ion batteries that can store electrical energy. In environments with pressure differentials, there’s a risk of overcharging and causing explosions.
  • External impacts: Placing power banks in checked baggage increases the risk of explosion due to strong impacts during the baggage handling process.
  • If you keep power banks in your carry-on luggage, you can better manage potential hazards such as fires or explosions. Airplanes are equipped with fire prevention devices to handle such situations promptly.

For these reasons, power banks are listed as items that need strict control and are only allowed to be carried as carry-on luggage. Therefore, when bringing power banks onto airplanes, you need to follow the airline’s regulations to avoid troubles and ensure a safe flight.

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Notes for using power banks on airplanes

Here are some notes for using power banks on airplanes that you should read to ensure safety.

  • Absolutely do not use power banks to charge phones during takeoff and landing.
  • For long flights, avoid using power banks to charge electronic devices overnight or for excessively long durations.
  • Do not use phones or electronic devices while they are being charged by the power bank to prevent fires or explosions during charging.


A power bank is a necessary device, especially during long journeys, to ensure you always have essential devices like phones and cameras for communication and photography. However, as power banks can potentially cause fires or explosions, you must adhere to usage and storage regulations, especially on flights where they are only allowed in carry-on luggage. With the provided information, we hope to offer you some experience in safely and correctly using power banks on airplanes.

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