7 Tips for Choosing the Best Seat on Plane

Many people believe that all seats on an airplane are the same, however, it’s not the case. Each seating area on an airplane has its own advantages. For example, there are VIP seats, seats with extra legroom, seats by the window for enjoying the view, etc. In this article, let’s explore airplane seating and tips for choosing the seat that suits you best, with S Vietnam Travel.

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Special Seating Areas

These are the front rows on the airplane, usually reserved for business class or VIP passengers. The advantage of this area is its quietness, comfortable and spacious seating.

In addition to the comfortable seats, these classes often come with perks: complimentary meals, multimedia entertainment, priority boarding, etc.

Special Seating Areas
Special Seating Areas

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Front Row Seating Area

These seats follow the special seating area and offer advantages such as lower vibrations and less noise. This area is ideal for those prone to motion sickness during flights.

Choosing seats in this area can help reduce fatigue and alleviate the feeling of restlessness throughout the flight. If you want to choose these seats, it’s recommended to complete the check-in process early, as the number of these seats is limited.

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Front Row Seating Area by the Emergency Exit

The distinguishing feature of seats next to the emergency exit is the extra space, about 50% more than standard seats. This provides ample legroom, allowing you to easily stretch out and change positions during the flight.

Seating Area by the Emergency Exit

Seating Area by the Entry/Exit Door

If you have a lot of carry-on luggage or need to move quickly when the plane lands, seats near the entry/exit door are suitable. These seats are located in the first rows on the left side, allowing for convenient movement during disembarkation.

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Airplane Seat Selection Service

Airlines also offer the option to select specific seats for passengers who wish to do so. With this service, for a small fee, you can easily choose your preferred seat. Alternatively, if you check-in early at the airport, you might also be able to request your preferred seat if it’s available.

Airplane Seat Selection Service

Tips for Choosing a Seat that Suits Your Preferences

Comfortable Legroom

If you like to stretch out your legs during the flight, remember to choose seats near the exit door, which is typically in the middle of the plane. The further back you go, the narrower the seats become. Avoid choosing seats in the last rows, as they might be constrained by the shape of the aircraft and unable to recline.

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Armrest Habits

If you have the habit of placing your arms on the armrests, avoid choosing seats in rows adjacent to the aisle. This will prevent obstruction and inconvenience when flight attendants pass by with the service cart.

TV Enthusiast

If the airline equips each seat with an individual TV screen, you can choose any seat. However, if there’s only one large screen for the entire section, avoid the rear rows, as your view might be obstructed.

Traveling with an Infant

If you’re traveling with an infant, it’s recommended to select seats by the window to have more space for maneuvering.

Carrying Multiple Carry-Ons

If your carry-on luggage is bulky and heavy, avoid the front rows to avoid inconveniencing other passengers. Instead, choose seats towards the rear of the plane, where overhead storage is generally more spacious. The overhead bins at the front are often tightly packed.

Sleep Enthusiast

If you prefer to sleep during the flight, avoid middle seats in the aisle section in the middle of the plane. Also, avoid seats at the back, as this area tends to be noisy. Instead, opt for a window seat in the front or rear sections of the plane.

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Highest Survival Probability

According to a study by Popular Mechanics, passengers seated towards the back of the plane have a survival rate over 40% higher than those seated in the front in the event of an accident. Additionally, seats adjacent to the aisle areas facilitate quicker passenger evacuation during emergency landings.


You can choose airplane seats based on your preferences, considering that each seating area has its own slight differences. To ensure you get the most suitable seat, consider selecting seat assignment services when purchasing tickets, or at the very least, check-in early to have a chance to choose your preferred seat. Good luck!

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