Vietnam Tour Packages

Discover the hidden beauty of Vietnam

We are experts in providing Vietnam tour packages with services from 3 to 5 stars for international travelers. Our Vietnam tour packages will be programmed with the optimized and comfortable itinerary, safety, and saving that ensures you will not miss the major tourist destinations for your proper time.

If you want to set up your own Vietnam package tour, please let us know then we will plan the wonderful trip just for you. We provide a personal service and we will be here to listen and support during your visit to Vietnam.

For more information about our Vietnam tour packages, please don't hesitate to contact our sales team (email, whatsApp or phone).

Top 3 Vietnam Tour Packages

Here are the top 3 best Vietnam tour packages in 2022 that our customers love to choose

Vietnam Family Holiday

15 Days
From $1,560 pp
Hanoi, VietnamHo Chi Minh city, Vietnam

Best of Vietnam

14 Days
From $1,080 pp
Hanoi, VietnamHo Chi Minh city, Vietnam

Essence of Vietnam

9 Days
From $810 pp
Hanoi, VietnamHo Chi Minh city, Vietnam

Find The Vietnam Tour Package That's Right For You

We can customize the tour package according to your request

Vietnam Family Tour

8 Days
From $730 pp
Hanoi, VietnamHo Chi Minh city, Vietnam

Vietnam Family Vacation

12 Days
From $1,120 pp
Ho Chi Minh city, VietnamHanoi, Vietnam

Vietnam Flavor

10 Days
From $1,030 pp
Hanoi, VietnamHo Chi Minh city, Vietnam

Honeymoon Beach Gateway

8 Days
From $690 pp
Ho Chi Minh city, VietnamHanoi, Vietnam

Taste of Hanoi - Halong Bay

5 Days
From $320 pp
Hanoi, VietnamHanoi, Vietnam

Northern Highlights

7 Days
From $470 pp
Hanoi, VietnamHanoi, Vietnam

Romance Vietnam

12 Days
From $995 pp
Hanoi, VietnamHo Chi Minh city, Vietnam

Honeymoon in Vietnam

16 Days
From $1,370 pp
Hanoi, VietnamHo Chi Minh city, Vietnam

Biking Mekong

4 Days
From $410 pp
Ho Chi Minh city, VietnamHo Chi Minh city, Vietnam

Hanoi - Ninh Binh - Halong

5 Days
From $400 pp
Hanoi, VietnamHanoi, Vietnam
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What's Included On Our Vietnam Tour Packages?

All domestic airfares
All domestic transportation
All accommodation
Most meals included
All sightseeing tickets
Visa approval letter

FAQs About Vietnam Package Tours

  • Can you explain more about the price of tour packages on the website?

    The tour package price shown on the website is the default price for 1 person in case your group has 8 people. If your group has fewer people, the tour package price will increase slightly. You can check the price for each person by clicking on the tour to see details.

    In addition, the tour rate is based on twin/double sharing rooms at 3* hotel category.

  • Can I customize the tour package to suit my group?

    Of course, we can customize this tour according to your request. You just need to email or call us, our travel consultant will contact you within 12 hours with a tailor-made itinerary and price.

  • I want to know about the deposit for the tour package

    After you and our travel consultants have finished negotiating the itinerary and price of the tour package, a minimum deposit of 30% of the full amount is required to confirm your booking. The balance will be settled before or upon arrival.

Before Your Trip To Vietnam

  • Do I need visa to enter Vietnam?

    Vietnam visa online:

    E-visa Online System is currently only available to tourists for tourism purpose only. Please visit the Vietnam official government website for more information

    Vietnam visa

    Unlike Cambodia or Laos, before entry into Vietnam, you must have a Vietnam visa stamp or a Vietnam visa approval letter. S Vietnam Travel can help you to arrange this letter to get a visa upon arrival at Tan Son Nhat Airport (Ho Chi Minh City), at Danang airport or Noi Bai international airport (Hanoi). Please provide the following information for us to apply for your visa.

    • Full name on passport.
    • Passport number.
    • Date of birth.
    • Nationality.
    • Date of arrival.
    • Flight number and time.
    • Fax number where we can fax you or your email address forward to you.

    We will process the visa within 3 working days. After approval, we will fax or email you a Vietnam visa Approval Letter as an attachment. You can receive your visa at the visa desk of the arrival airport for Vietnam visa on arrival or receive your visa at Embassy or Consulate in your country for Vietnam Visa Approval Code.

  • Do I need to have some vaccine shots before the trip?

    No vaccinations are officially required by the Vietnam authorities; however immunization against malaria, cholera, hepatitis, typhoid, tetanus, polio and Japanese encephalitis is advised. Please consult your doctors for further medical advice. Also plan to bring mosquito repellent. Wearing long-sleeved shirts and slacks from dusk onward and avoiding perfume is also recommended. In addition to an ample supply of any prescription drugs you are taking, bring medicines for: Headaches, diarrhea, constipation, insect bites, sore throats, eye drops, cuts, etc.

  • Do you have e-tickets in Vietnam?

    Almost airlines in Vietnam offer electronic ticket. We will issue an electronic ticket through email or fax to you.

  • Electricity in Vietnam

    Vietnam uses Types A, E, or F plugs with two flat pins, two round pins, or three round pins, respectively. The usual voltage is between 220V and 240V, 50 Hertz; but sometimes you encounter 110V, also at 50 Hertz, just to confuse things. Two-pin (ungrounded) plug is more popular than three-pin one. If you have any devices needing a special outlet, please bring its adapter kit. The best investment is a universal AC adapter, which will enable you to plug it in anywhere without frying the innards.

Local Time & Climate

  • What is the time difference in Vietnam?

    Vietnam is fifteen hours ahead of Los Angeles, twelve hours ahead of New York and seven hours ahead of London, one hour behind Perth and three hours behind Sydney (give or take an hour during daylight saving time).

  • What is the climate like in Vietnam?

    Hanoi and northern Vietnam have a distinct winter and summer season. A dryer winter lasts from November to April with average temperatures of 18 - 20ºC. Summer lasts from May to October and is hot and humid with temperatures around 30 - 35ºC. In areas like Sapa, prepare accordingly for the winter months as it has been known to snow on occasion. Hue and Danang, in the center of the country, have very hot, dry weather from February to August with temperatures reaching over 35ºC. The region can experience quite heavy rainfall between September and January. Ho Chi Minh City and the south have a hot, dry season from December till April with average temperatures around 28ºC. The rainy season lasts from May through till November. It rarely rains for long periods, even in the rainy season, with most rain coming in short, heavy bursts.

Local Money & Expense

  • Where can I find current exchange rates for Vietnamese money?

    Current dong exchange rates are available on the internet. Please try one of the links (, Note: You can not buy or exchange dong outside Vietnam.

  • Can I get cash on my credit card in Vietnam?

    Cash advances on credit cards are available at the central Vietcombank in Hanoi, HCMC and other major cities, for which you will be charged around 4%. Hanoi and HCMC also boast 24hr ATMs where you can withdraw cash on MasterCard, Visa and other cards in the Cirrus/Plus networks. In Hanoi, go to the ANZ Bank beside Hoan Kiem Lake; in HCMC both ANZ Bank and HKSB have ATMs.

  • Is it better to use American dollars or Vietnamese dong for daily expenses in Vietnam?

    For everyday expenses, I recommend carrying a mix of US$ cash and dong. For larger items (hotel bills, train tickets, etc.) or when the exchange rate works in your favour, use dollars. For cyclos, local food stalls and small purchases, it's best to use dong. In either case, make sure you always have a stock of small notes so that you don't have to worry about change.

Useful Tips For Traveling To Vietnam

  • What to buy in Vietnam

    1. Ao Dai

    Ao Dai is a Vietnamese national costume which most wore by local women. You can buy it in a local store or customize one in a tailor shop.

    2. Cotton Products

    High-quality cotton products, such as bed linen, pillows, shirts and T-shirt, are available everywhere in Vietnam. The cotton products are colorful and natural with relatively lower prices which become these products sell well for foreign visitors.

    3. Vietnamese Silk

    When you tour in Vietnam, an original home of silk and a country has decades-old tradition of manufacturing high-quality silk products, it is a must for you to purchase some silk products. In many specialty shops and souvenir shops, silk products are available for you to choose.

    4. Porcelain / Pottery

    In many traditional arts villages around Hanoi and many specialty shops in Vietnam, porcelain, hand-made ceramics, pottery with unique decorations, tea plates and cups are easy to find.

    5. Lacquer Products

    In producing high-quality lacquer products, Vietnamese artists are the most capable in Asia. Beautiful lacquer paintings, furniture, accessories, table dishes and many other exquisite products can be find in many stores in Vietnam.

    6. Jewellery and Pearls

    Another popular shopping item in Vietnam is jewellery which are made of local gemstones. You can purchase amethyst, ruby, aquamarine, jade, sapphire and other precious stones in Vietnam.

    7. Vietnamese Art Paintings

    Oil and lacquer paintings made in Vietnam are not only beautiful, but also inexpensive. Naturally gifted and well-trained, local artists can make many high-quality and fine paintings for visitors.

  • Tipping in Vietnam

    Suggestions for the sum

    - For a trekking guide in North Vietnam or cultural guide: USD 10 / day
    - For a driver: USD 5 / day
    - For a carrier: USD 5 / day

    These people are at your disposal throughout your trip and they also expect you to doing the best for your satisfaction. The working timing is huge, from 06:00 am to 23:00 at night, sometimes more. These guides leave home for a week, 15 days or 3 weeks depending on the tour. For private tours in Vietnam (2 to 4 people per group) the guide can receive at least 10 USD / day based on customer satisfaction.

    In restaurants and bars maybe leave 5 – 10% tip if you have received good service. Remember that 20,000 Dong is less than US$1. Not much for you but maybe a whole meal for the staff member that served you. If you have spent 400,000 Dong (around US$18) for a nice meal then 40,000 Vietnamese Dong (10%) is not alot more to give as a tip.

    One place that people don’t even think about tipping are the hotel staff that you probably never see – the housekeeping service staff that come to clean your room. I generally leave 10,000 – 20,000 Vietnam Dong (~1usd) in the bathroom with a note saying thank you to the staff so they know it is a tip.

  • What to wear in Vietnam

    Vietnam is a country with a tropical monsoon climate, so it is very different from the climate in Europe and America. Because the area of Vietnam is long and divided by the Truong Son mountain range, the climate is divided into three different regions of North, Central and South and has clear characteristics of each region...Click to read more What to wear in Vietnam