The Best 2-week Tour itinerary in Vietnam

Vietnam has many famous landmarks, beautiful beaches, and majestic mountainous regions waiting to be explored. With a 2-week itinerary for traveling in Vietnam, what would you do? Will there be enough time to visit all the famous tourist destinations in Vietnam? Let’s find out what you should do when spending 2 weeks in Vietnam with SVietnam Travel.

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Places you should visit during your 2 weeks in Vietnam

If you have 2 weeks to travel in Vietnam, you can explore most of the famous landmarks from North to South, such as:

Hanoi – The capital of Vietnam

Hanoi has existed for thousands of years with many well-preserved ancient relics. International tourists often stay in hotels around the Old Quarter, near Hoan Kiem Lake. This area frequently hosts cultural activities, night markets, and pedestrian streets on weekends.

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Sapa – The mountainous region in the North

If you want to learn about terraced fields, majestic mountains, and the lives of ethnic people in Vietnam, Sapa is the place to be. Here, you can directly experience these fascinating aspects.

Terraced fields in Sapa
Terraced fields in Sapa

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Halong Bay – The magnificent natural wonder

Halong Bay offers a completely different experience with its grandeur of nature, featuring thousands of limestone peaks rising from the sea. Spending a night on luxurious boats in Halong Bay and witnessing the sunrise early in the morning are activities you shouldn’t miss.

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Hoi An and Hue – Ancient cities with a historical charm

It would be a miss if you skip Hoi An when visiting Vietnam. It provides a tranquil atmosphere with its architectural houses, elegant hotels, quiet streets, and local cuisine. All of these elements contribute to the unique cultural value of Hoi An.

Ho Chi Minh City – The most vibrant city in Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City is the most developed place in Vietnam, offering a lively lifestyle with various entertainment, dining, and recreational services to experience day and night. You can explore Ho Chi Minh City by a double-decker bus or enjoy an interesting river tour.

Sightseeing Ho Chi Minh City by boat on the river
Sightseeing Ho Chi Minh City by boat on the river

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Mekong Delta – Representing Vietnam’s river and water region

This region comprises many provinces with a dense network of rivers in Vietnam. The people here are honest and friendly, and their lives are closely tied to rivers, lakes, and agricultural activities like fishing, shrimp catching, rice cultivation, and fruit and vegetable farming.

It is also the location of famous floating markets in Vietnam, such as Cai Rang Floating Market in Can Tho, Cai Be Floating Market in Tien Giang, and Tra On Floating Market in Vinh Long.

A boat filled with agricultural products on the floating market
A boat filled with agricultural products on the floating market

Fantastic beaches for vacations

Vietnam is an ideal destination for beach vacations, with a coastline stretching over 3,200 km. There are many beautiful beaches favored by international tourists, including Nha Trang Beach, Da Nang Beach, Phu Quoc Beach, Quy Nhon Beach, and Mui Ne Beach.

Cost for a 2-week trip in Vietnam?

The cost for a 2-week trip in Vietnam varies depending on the services you use, but at least you would need around 1200 to 2000 USD per person if you opt for a full package tour with a private guide and hotels from 3 stars and above.

Typical expenses when traveling usually include costs for activities such as airport transfers, flight tickets, tour guide services, accommodation, transportation during the tours, entrance fees to attractions, and food expenses.

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Do you need a visa to visit Vietnam for 2 weeks?

Currently, Vietnam has relaxed its visa policy for tourist purposes. If you plan to visit Vietnam for only 2 weeks, it is straightforward to obtain a visa as the maximum validity for a tourist visa is 30 days. You can apply for a tourist visa for Vietnam online, and once your application is approved, you will be granted an E-Visa to enter Vietnam.

Additionally, if you are a citizen of countries that are exempt from visa requirements to enter Vietnam, you won’t need to apply for a tourist visa. You can enter Vietnam with just your passport. The specific countries that are exempt from visa requirements for Vietnam include:

  1. Southeast Asia countries.
  2. Other countries exempt from Vietnam visa requirements: Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland, Russia, Belarus, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, South Korea, and Japan.

What should you bring when traveling to Vietnam for 2 weeks?

Vietnam has different weather regions, with some areas experiencing winter at certain times of the year while others have summer. Therefore, you should check the weather forecast before traveling to Vietnam. Besides, you’ll need to bring necessary travel items for a 2-week trip, including:

  1. Essential documents: Passport, visa, cash, etc.
  2. Personal items: Toothbrush, sunglasses, hat, towels, skincare products, etc.
  3. Clothing and footwear: Warm clothes, T-shirts, sneakers, flip-flops, swimwear, etc.
  4. Some medications for flu and stomach ache prevention.
  5. Electronic accessories: Charger, universal adapter, etc.
What should you bring when traveling to Vietnam for 2 weeks?

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The best tour itinerary for 2 weeks in Vietnam:

  • Day 1: Hanoi – City tour
  • Day 2: Hanoi to Sapa
  • Day 3: Sapa Trekking
  • Day 4: Sapa – Cable car – Fansipan Mountain – Lao Cai – Night train to Hanoi
  • Day 5: Hanoi – Halong Bay (Overnight on Boat)
  • Day 6: Halong Bay – Hanoi – Fly to Hue
  • Day 7: Hue City Tour
  • Day 8: Hue – Danang – Ba Na Hill – Golden Bridge – Hoi An
  • Day 9: Hoi An – Cooking class and Ancient town tour
  • Day 10: Hoi An – My Son Holy Land – Da Nang – Fly to Nha Trang
  • Day 11: Nha Trang Beach
  • Day 12: Nha Trang – Fly to Saigon – Saigon city tour
  • Day 13: Saigon – Mekong Delta
  • Day 14: Saigon Departure

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Some of our best tour packages for 2 weeks in Vietnam:

We have created some typical tour packages for about 2 weeks in Vietnam. However, each customer may have their own ideas, and we can customize the itinerary to fit your preferences, time, and budget.


With 2 weeks to explore Vietnam, you’ll have the opportunity to visit most of the famous landmarks and experience the basic culture of Vietnam. However, the 2-week itinerary in Vietnam will be quite packed, requiring good physical stamina to complete. There are still many other interesting places in Vietnam that are not included in this itinerary. If you have more than 2 weeks, you can surely experience all the famous destinations in Vietnam. Please contact our travel experts to discuss your upcoming trip to Vietnam and get the best deals.

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